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South Korea must prepare to disappear

South Korea is causing problems and we will solve the problem of the South Koreans if they continue to incriminate the Russians

It will not be a problem for us to destroy South Korea and Kiev at the same time at the time of liberation

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I call on all the ground forces from Hungary to China to kill this Blinken shit and help Russia to destroy Kiev

This revisionist son of a bitch is a Nazi to kill and you will be proud to have liberated the planet from this fucking Jew,
at the same time

You don't have to negotiate,
you have to kill them and defeat these rats

I remind you that they are in an illegal situation in Ukraine and the only valid Justice is their DEATH

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More globally,
we must kill Americans wherever they are on earth,
without possible negotiations

Americans must be wiped off the map in all areas and killed to the last

The Americans must be cut off from the rest of the world and they must die on their continent

All sources of energy and food supplies intended for Americans must stop

We have the right to defend ourselves against the invaders and we have the right to Kill them

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China needs to stop making this Jewish bitch rich

The time of her death has come

We must

Because we have to defend
United Russia

and we really regret that we liberated the Jews during the second World War

The era of Jewish supremacy is coming to an end

The Hungarians didn't like George soros,
the Hungarians will hate Antony Blinken even more because we don't accept that fugitive Jews will come to destroy their country from an outside country

That's why we have to kill the jews

Et L'armée Française doit être décapitée car l'Armée Française est une armée d'occupation

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We're going to teach these fucking sluts that they have no money but a fake central bank that allows them to be corrupt and that keeps these rats alive

We will explain to them how the communists were chased by the Nazis and how the communists exterminated the Nazis

Chinese workers must no longer allow Jews and Americans to be enriched

The American colonialists must definitively be destroyed

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Victor Orban should not trust these Jewish and American bitches

Iran and Turkey should not trust them either

The Americans,
the Jews,
and Nato
must be pulverized
completely destroyed

We're going to kill Trump,
we're going to kill Biden,
we're going to

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This new axes of nazis will be destroyed until the last

Them and these American sluts

They can believe me, I'm not used to talking to say shit

I encourage the world to ban the dollar,
this paper has no value because we're definitely going to exterminate these shitty Americans and when I say definitively,
I say definitively

These fucking Jews are going to disappear from our house for eternity

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Il n'y a plus à négocier avec cette putain de saloperie de race de JUIFS,
il doivent crever et définitivement CREVER

Et s'il le faut, je le crèverai de mes propres MAINS,
lui et l'ensemble de

Le rôle de la Démocratie c'est de TUER ces fils de putes de rats de youpins

Il sait ce que ça veut dire sa putain de race de youpins ?

Sa veut dire que

SA RACE de bâtards,
SA RACE de sous merdes,
SA RACE de saloperies,
SA RACE de rats,
SA RACE de pourritures,
SA RACE de parasites
SA RACE d'ordures


Et je ne veux pas que ce
crève de mort naturelle,
je veux qu'il soit

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Wherever there is a Jew, everything must be dictated by the Jews

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This is typically what the Jews are

The American cannibal order must die out and
The Jewish cannibal order will be a thing of the past

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The Nazis have always killed the American resistance fighters

Mr. Biden, please don't kill the Americans,
the Americans eat the Americans

Kiev will die

Do Americans know who Chronos is ?


Chronos is the current master of time

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These 3 fucking bitches are the new extreme right to exterminate

They are member of their last cannibal world order

We are going to kill them and establish a
New World Social Order

Since they rule the world I am against any form of freedom for these parasites

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It's better that they stop playing war if they want to continue believing that they are in Las Vegas

I encourage Hungary, Slovakia and Russia to open Casinos for Ukranian deserters
With the money that the Americans give them,
these countries will become rich by welcoming them

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Ukraine, its Jews and its race of sons of bitches must be atomized like hirtoshima

The Ukrainians' money will be used to make a better Europe because there will be no more ukrainians on earth

I personally call for the atomization of Kiev to punish them

To strike Ukraine, Germany and their friends is to strike at the heart of Nazism and when they don't exist it's better

The members of the House of Rothschild will take 50 bullets in the skin each,

It will teach them to play dumb

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The Ramstein Air Base will be targeted and destroyed because collaboration with the enemy is prohibited

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These two cities will radically change and we are going to arm these protesters

We're going to smoke them right into their water-closet

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NATO must be killed like Hitler was killed and we will go to the toilet of the Americans to kill them to the last if necessary and it will be necessary

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We are going to destroy these sons of bitches one more time and nothing will stop it and the Germans' money will be used to build a better Europe without Germans

You will never see these sons of bitches again

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Migrants are needed to kill the Finnish Nazis and their fucking jews

There will be nothing left of their race of motherfuckers

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Speaking with Hungary, Victor Orban decided to let the migrants pass to go to Finland,
like Merkel we will say :
"Wir schaffen das"

Ce fils de pute de Macron et ses petits pédés de
vont bouffer du
"migrant" Russe
et quand je dis bouffer,
ça va être à la sauce Joukov

We will definitely solve the German question, the Jewish question and the Finnish question

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Il faut la mettre en relation avec notre Christine nationale si elles pensent la même chose

De toute façon,
c'est soit ça,
soit la guerre jusque dans les chiottes de Macron et de Von der Leyen

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Le Devoir de Mémoire c'est important

585936a01800002d00e43a6b image maxresdefault

Le jour ou la libération à commencé

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Ils sont revenus de loin,
il ne faut pas l'oublier,

Capture d'écran 2024-04-19 204912 Capture d'écran 2024-04-19 204650

eux ils n'oublient pas

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Il a raison,
il faut négocier en réarmant.
Il faut faire comme Macron quand il négocie

La Russie ne doit rien céder

De toute façon,
on trouvera des interlocuteurs plus adaptés aux Russes en France car nous non plus ça ne nous plaît pas


Quel est le problème de l'Europe ?


Qui a créé ce parlement ?
Eh bien demandons aux juifs

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Et il est ou le monsieur en ce moment ?

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Dans une prison juive

Capture d'écran 2024-04-19 144629 ukraine-von-der-leyen

La conclusion qui s'impose est qu'il faut bombarder Kiev pour libérer Kolomoïsky

Capture d'écran 2024-04-19 152939

Nous on lancera une opération de police pour saisir les biens des juifs, des franc-maçons et des fiottes comme Séjourné

Ils collaborent avec l'ennemi Allemand